Adobe Photoshop: Configure Epson Printer Settings

Adobe Photoshop: Configure Epson Printer Settings

            1. On the Epson printer’s control panel, use the left arrow button to switch between roll paper and sheet fed paper.


2. Open your image in Adobe Photoshop.

    Select File -> Print or use the shortcut Command+P on the keyboard.


    In the Print dialogue box, select EpsonStylusPro4900 -OR- EPSON SC-P5000 Series.

    Next, click on the Print Settings… button.


3. Select the Show Details button to expand the menu.


   Printer: EpsonStylusPro4900 -OR- EPSON SC-P5000 Series

   Paper Size: Select your desired size. In this example, 16 x 20 is being used. Do not select the borderless setting or a size with a width greater than 16 inches.


  Be sure that you select Roll if you are printing to the roll or Sheet if you are using single sheets.


  If you need to create a custom size, see Adobe Creative Cloud: Create a Custom Paper Size

  Then, click the Save button.

4. Click on the flyout arrow next to Position and Size and Printing Marks. You may have to scroll down to find the two sections.


  Under Printing Marks, select Corner Crop Marks.


5. Under Position and Size, make sure that Scale is equal to 100%.

  If you want to reduce your artwork to fit the selected paper size, select Scale to Fit Media.


  Click the Print button in the lower right-hand corner to send your file to the printer.