Azure Dev Tools for Teaching Access Guide

Azure Dev Tools for Teaching Access Guide


The Azure Dev Tools for Teaching is a special program that provides free tools to faculty and students, including Project, SQL Server, Visio, Visual Studio, operating systems, and so on. To get the software:

  1.  Go to the Azure Dev Tools for Teaching website.

  2.  Click the "Sign In" button. You do not need to register. Enter your email address, and the interface should automatically change to the DePaul BlueKey login screen. Simply login with your BlueKey/Campus Connect password.

  3.  The software can be found under the "Software" tab.

  4.  Clicking on a software you would like to download will open a sidebar on the right side of the page.

  5.  The product key for the software you are trying to download will be appear after you click the "View Key" button.