Blue Demon Card: General Information

Blue Demon Card: DePaul's Mobile and Physical ID Cards

The Blue Demon Card serves as your official identification while at DePaul University and is available to REGISTERED students, faculty, staff and alumni. It's an all-in-one identification card with multiple uses and benefits beyond the average ID. All current DePaul students, faculty, and staff are eligible for the mobile Blue Demon Card. You are encouraged to follow the steps below and add the mobile credential to your phone. You also have the option to obtain a physical card, although a physical card is no longer required.

Getting your Mobile Blue Demon Card

Follow these steps to get your mobile Blue Demon Card. The process begins by registering for multi-factor authentication and submitting a profile photo based on the guidelines. You can also visit for more information about the mobile id card.

  1. Install BlueKey MFA (if you haven't already)
  2. Review Blue Demon Card photo guidelines
  3. Submit your photo as soon as possible. If you visit the "submit your photo" link and already have an approved photo that works for you, skip this step. Check your BlueM@il for confirmation when your photo is approved (usually 2 business days)
  4. Follow instructions to install the mobile Blue Demon Card on iPhone, Apple Watch, or Android phone. Review device requirements
  5. Problems? View the Blue Demon Card FAQs or contact the Help Desk

Digital Wallet User Guides and FAQs

Optional Physical Blue Demon Card

New students and employees can also stop into the Blue Demon Card offices anytime after their scheduled orientation or onboarding date. Transfer students who have enrolled in classes can stop into the Blue Demon Card offices during regular business hours. One form of photo identification is required at the time of pick-up. Learn more about office locations and hours, which may vary based on the academic calendar.

Although the Blue Demon Card on your mobile device works at card readers all around university campuses, DePaul students, faculty, or staff members may still want a physical Blue Demon Card. The first step in obtaining a card is to submit a photo online based on profile photo guidelines. You can then visit a Blue Demon Card office to request a physical card during office hours.

Where can I get Blue Demon Card support?

The Help Desk: Online help with mobile card and BlueKey issues

Genius Squad: In-person help with mobile card and BlueKey Issues

Blue Demon Card Offices: In-person help with physical card and photo submissions

Where can I use my mobile Blue Demon Card?

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More important Blue Demon Card information:

Blue Demon Card for Alumni

All graduates of DePaul University are eligible for an alumni Blue Demon Card which gives alumni access to special university privileges.  With this card, you can:

Get a new or replacement Alumni Blue Demon Card: