BlueKey MFA: Don't get locked out of DePaul services during off hours

DePaul students, faculty, and staff will increasingly be asked to verify their identities through BlueKey multi-factor authentication (MFA) in the coming months. This additional layer of security better protects sensitive information and reduces the risk of malicious attacks on individuals and the university.

When logging into certain DePaul applications, systems, and services, DePaul students and employees will be asked to verify their identities using BlueKey MFA, most commonly through the Microsoft Authenticator app on your smartphone or other mobile device.

But what if something happens to my phone?

During Help Desk hours, you are encouraged to reach out to the Help Desk to request a temporary lift on the MFA requirement.

But what if I need to access something on Sunday night? What if the Help Desk is closed?

This is an important question as we move into a new era of digital security, and one that Information Services implores all of the DePaul community to anticipate by making a few proactive steps.

(Please do this before you lose your phone. Right now would be great!)

Visit and add multiple secured sign-in methods. As long as the sign-in method is trusted and secure, please add as many as you can. Recommended additional sign-in methods include:

By adding a variety of alternative sign-in methods, you will be less dependent upon your primary smartphone to access DePaul services. This will ensure that, if your phone is ever lost or stolen, you'll still be able to access software and systems whether the Help Desk is open or not.

If you do these steps, you will still be able to connect even though your phone may be lost or stolen.

Can I use a secondary email address as an alternate sign-in method?

Unfortunately Microsoft does not allow for the use of an email as a second factor for sign-ins.  A secondary email address can be added to your 365 account, but it can only be used for the purposes of resetting your password, not for logging into systems.

Also, please read this article about what to do when your smartphone or mobile device with the Microsoft Authenticator app is either lost or stolen.