BlueKey MFA: How to Register for BlueKey Multi-Factor Authentication

Video Tutorial to Register for BlueKey Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

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Text Instructions to Register for BlueKey MFA

1. Navigate to Enter your BlueM@il email address ( Click Next.

2. You will see a screen that displays "More information required". Click Next.

3. At this point, you will need to download the Microsoft Authenticator app. 

4. Follow the steps on your smartphone. If you haven't used the Microsoft Authenticator app before, follow the options shown on your device to get started. If you have the Microsoft Authenticator app installed already on your device, select the "+" at the top right of your screen to add an account and then select "Work or school account". Select "Scan QR code" and have your device ready for the next step.

5. Scan the QR code with the Microsoft Authenticator app on your smartphone.

6. Make sure that you have the Microsoft Authenticator app open on your smartphone. Approve the notification that is sent to the app. 

7. After you approve the notification on your app, you will be notified on your computer screen for "Notification approved".

8. Next enter your phone number.

9. You should have received a text message with a 6-digit code on your phone. Enter the code on this screen.

10. Insert the code and wait for this confirmation screen.

11. Click Next and you should see the following screen. Congratulations! You have successfully registered for multifactor authentication!


Two more very important steps

1) Set your default sign-in method to "Microsoft Authenticator - notification"

You are required to select a default sign-in method during the registration process, but it’s highly recommended to double check this setting and make sure that it is set to the "Microsoft Authenticator – notification" option. Navigate to on your computer. Have your MFA verification method available. Select the “Security Info” button. Next to the “Default sign-in method” make sure that "Microsoft Authenticator – notification" is selected. If not, select change. This specific default method (using the app) is highly recommended for both its ease of use and level of security.

2) Additional verification methods

You may have input additional verification methods during the registration process. If you didn’t or you’re not sure, please visit Select the “Security Info” button. On this page, you have the option to add more verification methods. Generally speaking, the more secure verification methods you can add, the better. Secure methods are used only by you, secured by passwords (if applicable), and stored in a secured location (if applicable).