BlueM@il: Access an Online Archive Mailbox

What is an Online Archive mailbox?

Mailbox items that have been archived by DePaul's Automatic Archive and Deletion Policy, can be found in your Online Archive mailbox.

How do I access my Online Archive?

Outlook Desktop App or Web App

Your Online Archive is located in the navigation pane beneath your inbox in most versions of the Outlook Desktop App as well as Outlook on the Web. It will be listed as "Online Archive - <Email Address>" or "Personal Archive - <name>" depending on which app you are using. You can view the folders, emails, and other information archived simply by expanding this list of folders.

Outlook Mobile App

Your Online Archive cannot be accessed using Outlook for iOS or Android. To view your Online Archive from a mobile device, you will need to use Outlook on the Web. Alternatively, you can change the personal tag on certain items or folders to keep them in your primary mailbox for mobile viewing. See the Automatic Archive and Deletion Policy for information about setting a personal tag.