CDM Zoom Room Device Imaging Instructions

Imaging Instructions

1. Request an import of devices to Configuration Manager (“CM”)

a. Open a ServiceNow incident (Service Portal - Service Portal ( with the following information (NOTE: a form is in development to replace this process)

i. Device is intended for use in a CDM Zoom Room

ii. Device MAC address

iii. Device location (building and room number)

iv. Device model (provide the output of this command: "wmic computersystem get model")

b. IS staff will import the device and confirm this is complete by closing the incident

2. Create a “boot disk”

a. Insert a USB drive (8 GB+) to a domain-joined device connected to the DePaul network

b. Log in using the BlueKey credentials of a member of "GRP_CDM_Zoom_Admins"

c. If the "W" drive is not already mounted, open a command prompt

d. Enter "net use W: \\\group"

e. Once mounted, navigate to “W:\software\Distribution\CDM Zoom Computer Boot Disk”

f. Copy “CMCB_BootDiskCreator.bat” to a local folder (e.g. “Desktop”)

g. Run the batch file with administrative permission

i. NOTE: this will wipe any data on the target USB drive. Data cannot be recovered

3. Image the device

a. Verify on-campus network connectivity (Ethernet only)

b. Connect the USB drive from (2)

c. Boot from the USB drive

d. On reaching this screen, click “Next”

i. A screenshot of a computer

Description automatically generated

e. Follow the next prompt

i. A computer screen shot of a blue screen

Description automatically generated

f. On reaching this screen, click “Next” to start imaging

i. A screenshot of a computer

Description automatically generated

g. Imaging is complete on reaching this screen

i. A screenshot of a phone

Description automatically generated

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I access the firmware password?
    1. Submit an incident via ServiceNow
  2. How do I clear the firmware password?
    1. How to Reset or Clear the BIOS Password | Dell US
  3. How do I add/remove local administrators to/from imaged devices?
    1. An AD group “GRP_CDM_Zoom_Admins” exists for this purpose. Group Policy adds this group to the local administrators group of imaged devices by default. Once added to the group, users automatically have local administrator rights on imaged devices.
    2. To change membership of the group, open a ServiceNow incident and ask Netadmin to update the "GRP_CDM_Zoom_Admin" membership group. Provide all required BlueKey usernames.
  4. How do I bypass automatic sign-in and log in with another account?
    1. Exit the Zoom Room software
    2. Press “CTRL” + “ALT” + “DELETE”
    3. Hold the “SHIFT” key
    4. Click “Sign out”
      1. Continue holding the “SHIFT” key until the login screen is reached
  5. How do I request privileges to access the “W” drive?
    1. Members of “GRP_CDM_Zoom_Admins” can automatically access the “W” drive folder for boot disk creation.
  6. How do I request help with an imaging issue?
    1. Open a ServiceNow incident with the following information:
      1. What you have tried so far to resolve the issue, including items listed in "Troubleshooting Tips"
      2. Service tag and MAC address of the device
      3. Computer name
      4. Screenshot of the entire screen, including technical information displayed in the bottom-right corner (if visible)
      5. Task Sequence name
      6. Timestamp (date and time, to the most-accurate degree possible) when the error occurred
      7. Note any recent changes or updates made to the computer before the problem occurred
      8. Copy log files from these locations on the client computer:
        1. “C:\Windows\CCM\Logs”
        2. “X:\Windows\Temp\SMSTSLog”

Troubleshooting Tips

If imaging fails, follow these guidelines before opening an incident for assistance.

· Basic Checks:

· Have hardware diagnostics been run?

· Check the functionality of the network cable and port (both at the device and wall-port end).

· Does the client have an IP address?

· Is the system clock accurate in firmware?

· Has the firmware password been cleared before reimaging?

· Have you tried imaging at least twice?

· Common Issues:

· Imaging fails immediately: 

· Verify boot disk is using the latest “boot.wim” from “W:\software\Distribution\CDM Zoom Computer Boot Disk\Boot.wim”

· Copy “boot.wim” to the boot disk, specifically the "sources" folder, overwriting the existing “boot.wim” file.

· "No Task Sequences Available":

· Using the same incident from "Imaging Instructions" (1), ask for verification from that the device object is “approved” and not “obsolete”