Demon Express

Demon Express on your Blue Demon Card

Pay for things around the university with a swipe of your Blue Demon Card.  Demon Express is a prepaid debit account that is offered to current students, faculty and staff of DePaul University.  The account is linked to your Blue Demon Card.

Demon Express can be used at several locations throughout the university for services such as printing, food, books and school supplies.  Money deposited to the account will carry over from quarter to quarter as long as you remain a student or employee of the university.  For complete Demon Express account terms, please visit the Blue Demon Card policies.  For guests of the university that may not have a Blue Demon Card, you may use a convenience card (see below).  

View your ID card transaction history and important contact information.

How to add funds to a Demon Express Account

Transact eAccounts app or web page:

The easiest to add money to Demon Express is through the Transact eAccounts app (used to manage your mobile Blue Demon Card) or the Transact web page (login with BlueKey credentials). The Transact eAccounts app is installed on your phone during the process of adding the mobile credential to your device. DePaul students and employees can make changes and check various accounts through the eAccounts app and web page. Tasks you can do:

  1. Make deposits
  2. Check balances
  3. View account history

You can add funds to your account in several other ways: