DePaul Mac Computers

Operating System Support

The Help Desk is able to provide troubleshooting support for macOS versions 10.15 (Catalina) and higher that are installed onto DePaul purchased, Technology Depot-provided computers. Please note that the newest Mac operating system is often not supported for some time after initial release due to incompatibilities with software; it is recommended to wait on updating to the newest OS until an announcement is made by Information Services to move forward.

The Help Desk will assist with upgrading to newer versions of the macOS operating system or can provide additional troubleshooting as needed to resolve a computing issue. Please note the Help Desk does not assist with backing up or movement of data between computers. Data should be backed up manually by each individual user to either a network drive (such as the U: drive), OneDrive, or a flash drive/external drive, especially prior to receiving a computer replacement. For information on how to back up data, please see the article "Backing Up Data".

Please also note that the Help Desk does not support dual boot disk partitions such as Boot Camp, Parallels or VMware Fusion. For assistance with any operating system or hardware issues please contact the Help Desk.

Application Support

The Help Desk is able to provide support for applications that are included on the operating system as configured by the Technology Depot. The Help Desk will provide installation, configuration, and limited troubleshooting support for specialized or custom applications as long as licensing requirements are met and software is approved and purchased accordingly. Please note this does not include usage of specific actions within a piece of software, such as configuring a video within Adobe Premiere. For more information about the software that is installed on DePaul imaged computers please visit the following knowledge articles:

For any assistance with any of these supported applications please contact the Help Desk.

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