DePaul Students: Updating Your Directory Info & Profile Photo

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As a DePaul student, you can make changes to the information that shows up in your profile information.

Directory Information

Contact Information Changes

DePaul uses your personal information to communicate with you. Please be sure it is kept up-to-date. Students can view or change their mailing address, email, phone, race/ethnicity, emergency contact, gender,  sexual orientation, DPU Alert, privacy restrictions, preferred name and personal pronouns within Campus Connect by clicking on the Profile tile. 

Update Information in Campus Connect:

In your web browser, go to Campus Connect, and in the upper-right corner, click the compass to access Navigator. Then from the Navigator, go to Self Service > Campus Personal Information > Outlook Directory. Here you can change your information, then click "update". Please be aware it may take up to a day or two for the update to process and start displaying the new information in Outlook.

To change your Legal Name/Marital Status or correct your Social Security Number, or Date of Birth:

If there are other changes needed to your personal information (Race/Ethnicity, Citizenship, etc.) that are not covered here, please contact DePaul Central.

Changing Profile Photos

Students may elect to display their Blue Demon Card photo, a custom photo, or no photo. If no action is taken, the system will automatically display their Blue Demon Card photo. A profile photo appears in several locations in various DePaul-based systems and applications. Please review the instructions below to change a photo depending on the location.

1. Mobile and Physical Blue Demon Card Photos

Add or change your mobile or physical Blue Demon Card photo through the online photo submission form. Make sure to review the profile photo requirements on this page.

2. Microsoft Office including Teams and Outlook

If you would like to change your profile photo in Microsoft apps including Teams and Outlook, please contact the Help Desk at,, or call (312) 362-8765. Make sure to review the profile photo requirements on this page.

3. Zoom

Follow the instructions to change your profile photo in Zoom on the web app (in a web browser). Make sure to review the profile photo requirements on this page.