DePaul Virtual Lab: Connect using Windows Desktop Client

To install and connect to the DePaul Virtual Lab through the Windows Desktop client:

Note: You should only need to subscribe once during the initial setup or upon re-installation of the client.

    1. Navigate to Connect with the Windows Desktop client and choose the client that matches your version of Windows (I.E. Windows 64-bit or 32-bit)
      1.  If you need help determining your version of Windows, please refer to the Microsoft article: Which version of Windows operating system am I running?        
    2. Double click the downloaded file and run through the installer.
    3. Launch Remote Desktop and choose Subscribe.

    4. Enter your BlueKey ( email address and click Next.
          Email login

    5. When prompted, enter your BlueKey password.
    6. Uncheck Allow my organization to manage my device.
    7. Click on No, sign in to this app only.
          This app only 

    8. Double click the DePaul Virtual Lab icon and enter your BlueKey password.
          DePaul Virtual Lab

    9. You are now connected to the DePaul Virtual Lab.

Note: For ease of access, you may also pin Remote Desktop to the taskbar.


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