DePaul Virtual Lab (VLAB): OneDrive Sign in

DePaul's Virtual Lab provides students and faculty the option to sign into OneDrive for data storage services in a user's profile. All DePaul students and employees are provided free OneDrive storage, so DePaul strongly recommends all users make use of the following service to map to their DePaul Virtual Lab profile. 

Sign into OneDrive

1. To sign into your OneDrive account in your DePaul Virtual Lab profile, start by launching the OneDrive app by clicking on the OneDrive icon, which should be on your desktop by default.

2. Once you launch the OneDrive app, enter your BlueKey ( username and click Sign In.

3. After you have clicked on Sign in, you will be taken to the DePaul login screen, where you will need to enter your BlueKey password.

4. Once you have authenticated, your OneDrive account should be mapped in your DePaul Virtual Lab profile.

Note: Syncing works with OneDrive on DePaul's Virtual Lab (VLAB). When a person is logged into OneDrive in VLAB and puts a file in their OneDrive folder, it shows up at or syncs to other computers logged into the same OneDrive account. However, automatic backup of common user-based Windows folders (i.e. Desktop, Documents and Pictures folder) is disabled.

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