Email: Sending a Mass Email

Mass Mailing

Mass mailings may be used when a DePaul constituent wishes to communicate with a large group of people via email. The Email Broadcasts and Other University Communications University policy establishes several categories of mass mailings at DePaul; the ways in which Information Services supports these categories are detailed on this page.

Email Broadcasts for Essential Business (University Communication Tool)

Mass mailings for essential business are to be used for a limited set of purposes specifically enumerated in the university policy. These broadcasts are sent using the University Communication Tool. Access must be requested and updated using the PeopleSoft Access Request form.

Email Broadcasts for Non-Essential Business - Group-Assembled Mailing Lists

Group-assembled mailing lists are to be used for communications to university constituents within individual departments. Such mailing lists must include opt-out features. Group-assembled mailing lists may only include constituents outside of the sending department when such constituents have opted in manually. Mass mailings of this type should be sent using the university's preferred mass mailing vendor, JangoMail. A JangoMail account can be requested using Procurement Services' online form.

CRM Communications

CRM (customer relationship management) communications are targeted email campaigns to specific university constituencies. CRM communications are often used for marketing, surveys, and RSVP collection from university community members. Upon request, the CRM team will work with you to craft and plan your communication. You may initiate a request for a CRM communication using the CRM Request Intake Form.