Faculty/Staff Printing: Mapping a CDM Printer (PC)

Mapping a CDM Printer on a Faculty or Staff PC (Windows)

Please follow the steps outlined below to map a CDM network printer to your Windows Office Workstation or Windows Laptop.


Mapping a CDM Printer on a Windows Office Workstation or Laptop

  1.  For Laptops, ensure you are connected to the DePaul Network via Wi-Fi or Ethernet before attempting the steps below.

  2.  Open File Explorer from the Start Menu.

  3.  In the navigation bar, type: \\CDMPSPRD01.DPU.DEPAUL.EDU, then press enter.

  4.  The File Explorer window should now be populated with various printers managed by CDM.

  5.  To map one of the printers, simply double-click on the printer of your choosing, then a window will appear displaying progress on connecting to it. 
         Please note: The progress window may not appear instantly and can take some time to appear due to a built-in Windows security measure. As long as you double-click on the printer of your choice, it will appear shortly.

  6.  After the printer is mapped, another window will appear, which will be the printer queue. 

  7.  With that, the printer is ready to go and your other Windows applications should be able to print to it.