Fixing AV in CineSpace

Fixing audio or video for Classrooms 101, 102 and 201

In situations where a reboot of the DMPS processor and the touch is needed to
    bring back functionality, you can try powering down the entire rack.
    If you have already tried other troubleshooting steps and were unsuccessful this
    might be the last resort to restoring functionality.

      1) Find the rack power button in the upper right corner of the AV rack. It may
           be covered by plastic cover. It should be easily opened if you find it closed.
      2) Turn off the power and wait about 30sec before turning it back on.
      3) Turn back on and wait about 7 mins for the entire AV system to completely power up. (Yes, it takes some time – be sure to be watching the pane during boot up)
          Look at the touch panel and when the panel gets to the main power on screen 
          pay specific attention to the lower left corner and look for a Green Check mark
          remarked by a Connected comment. *If you do not see the Green check mark,
          then you will need to repeat the process starting at step one again.*

       4) Once you see this Green check mark please wait another 5 or so seconds
            then you are free to turn the system back on and check to see that your
            selected source is showing on the room projector.
       5) If you are seeing your source on the projector, you will need to check and
           confirm audio is working. Whether you are on your laptop or the IPC you
           need to look at the sound output settings and make sure you are set to “Crestron” for the output.
       6) If it is set to Crestron, then go to the Volume settings on the touch panel
           and make sure the volume is not muted and is turned up to at least half
           way to ensure enough volume. Then test audio with YouTube or something
           similar and you should hear audio in the room.

          Shown below is macOS sound output – be sure that “Crestron” is selected on the computer and
          the machine is not muted.



Depaul CDM SCA