Friend of DePaul

This type of access is for non-traditional members of the DePaul community (i.e. not students, employees, or Alums) who need security (i.e. ID Cards) or system access.  It can also be used to grant or students who will need access to some DePaul resources (e.g. workstation PCs, W:Drive access, or other IT services) for an extended period of time(longer than two weeks).

These non-traditional accounts are referred to as 'Friend of DePaul' accounts, and can have a number of different possible affiliations with the University, such as: third-party contractors, temporary workers, employees of building tenants, interns, visiting scholars, volunteers, etc.

Please note that this access cannot be used to provision a hired employee's (staff\faculty) access before they have been processed by HR.

Friend accounts must be sponsored by a department and requested by an employee (staff\faculty) of DePaul.  The sponsoring department is responsible for this individual when they are on campus and while using DePaul resources, and must inform Information Services when the individual is no longer actively affiliated with the University and their access may be removed.

To request Friend of DePaul account creation, please visit here: Friend Account Request