Guest: WiFi Network Access Options

Wireless internet is available on all DePaul campuses. There are wireless access points installed in all DePaul buildings, and wireless is accessible from most DePaul classrooms and labs. Sponsored guests and conference attendees are able to use the depaul-guest wireless network. If you having trouble connecting to WiFi, or you're hosting a conference and need to offer WiFi to attendees, please contact the Help Desk at (312) 362-8765.

Guest WiFi Network Access

Guest users can follow these instructions to register for either sponsored access or conference user access.


Eduroam is available at DePaul and on participating University Campuses. Eduroam is the secure worldwide federated network access service developed for the international research and education community. Members of participating institutions can connect to DePaul's Eduroam network. Your username and password can be obtained from your home institution.

Long-term Guests (i.e. Friends of DePaul)

"Friends of DePaul" accounts provide access to DePaul's WiFi network. If you are a longer-term guest of DePaul (i.e. a volunteer, temp worker, consultant, intern, contract worker, etc.) or other guest of DePaul, and your affiliation with DePaul requires that you have a DePaul email account or access to our network, please ask your sponsor to request a "Friends of DePaul" account.