How Do I Copy An Existing D2L Discussion Thread To A Different D2L Discussion Topic?

If you need to reorganize group discussions after they have already begun, you can move existing discussion threads or conversations to new discussion topics. This feature is also useful when students accidentally start threads in the wrong discussions.

To copy a Discussion thread to a different Discussion topic, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Discussions area of the course.
  2. Locate the Discussion forum and Discussion topic in the list.
  3. Select the Discussion topic name to open the Discussion topic.
  4. Locate the thread to be copied.
  5. Select the dropdown arrow next to the topic thread title.
  6. Select Copy Thread

  7. Select the Destination Forum from the dropdown menu.
  8. Select the Destination Topic from the dropdown menu.
  9. Select Delete original post after copy completes if you would like the original Discussion thread to be deleted after the copy is completed.
  10. Select Copy replies if you would like all of the replies to the original Discussion thread to also copy. NOTE: If you want to copy the entire conversation, you want to select Copy replies at this step.
  11. Select Copy. 
  12. When the Discussion thread has been copied, you will receive a Copied Successfully pop-up message.