How to Reserve a Zoom Meeting Room (Not Classroom)

Please note: This is a tutorial video for reserving a Zoom meeting room (not a classroom).

NOTE: This is for reserving a Zoom room for meetings, not for classes. If you are looking to reserve a Zoom room for your class, please follow the instructions found here to request a Zoom+ room through 25live. More information can be found here.

Steps to Reserve a Zoom Room

  1. Open Outlook

  2. Go to the Calendar page

  3. Click "New Meeting" button

  4. In the New Meeting window, click either the "Location" or "Rooms..." button. Note: Depending on your version of Outlook you will see one of those buttons. This will bring up a list of rooms.

  5. Select or search for the Zoom Room you want. Highlight the room (for Location window) and click "Location". The room should appear in the Location field in your Meeting window. It will also appear in the "To" field of the meeting.

  6. You can then select your start time and end time for the meeting. Note: Make sure to click on "Scheduling Assistant" to check the room's availability to make sure your scheduled meeting does not conflict with one already on the schedule.

  7. When you've set this up, click "Send" to reserve the meeting room. You can add any other individuals who need to be added to the meeting before hitting Send, or you can add people later as well by selecting the meeting in your Calendar and adding more participants in the "Required" or "Optional" fields.