Hyperdeck Playback in LL105

The BlackMagic Hyperdecks are very particular when it comes to playing back content loaded on SSD's. When attempting playback of files on the Hyperdeck, please ensure the following:

1. Your file is exported as a Quicktime file using the Prores 422 codec at a 1080p resolution with a framerate of 23.98. If you experience choppiness during playback, ensure that the files that you created your export with were recorded in a 23.98 framerate

2. The playback SSD has been formatted by the Hyperdeck

  1. Place the drive in the Hyperdeck slot
  2. Hit the DISP button on the Hyperdeck to bring up the menu
  3. Using the Jog wheel, navigate to “Format Drive” and hit the SET button
  4. Select the drive you would like to format (Either Slot 1 or Slot 2) and hit SET
  5. Select HFS+ and hit SET
  6. Use the jog wheel to confirm the format and hit SET
  7. Wait for drive to format
  8. Once formatting is done, the drive is ready to be pulled and loaded with files


If there are files with differing framerates, codecs, or resolutions, the files will be ignored by the Hyperdeck causing them not to show up during playback