Information Services: Forms and Requests Index

Information Services-based Forms and Requests

Although most of these requests now reside in the ServiceNow system, some forms and requests are in other locations. Please make sure to login to ServiceNow before clicking on any of the ServiceNow links below. You will not be able to access these links unless you are logged in. You also may not be authorized to make certain requests based on your role. If you have any questions, you can always reach out to the Help Desk at or all (312) 362-8765.


Acad/Research Tech Consultation Request

Request for guidance on academic/research technology options or needs based on a desire from the requestor to implement such technology, regardless of funding status or familiarity with technology. This request form is meant to be the first point-of-contact for requests of this nature.

Active Directory Object Request

This form is used to request the creation of service/test accounts and application access groups in the University's Active Directory domain ( 

Add Technology Announcement 

Add Announcement to Service Portal and/or Teams Channel

Blogs DePaul Blogs Setup Request

DePaul has partnered with CampusPress to provide faculty and staff at DePaul with the ability to create WordPress sites and blog-spaces.  Use this form to request this service. 

BlueSky Migrations 

This form is intended for use by administrators and power users to migrate changes between Oracle cloud environments. Questions should be sent to

BlueSky and PeopleSoft Access

Request Access to BlueSky or PeopleSoft systems.

Call Tree Update Requests 

This form is for DePaul employees to request changes to existing call trees, or to request the creation of new call trees.

Certificate Requests 

This form can be used to request new or replacement Incommon SSL certificate(s). 

Computer Re-image Request 

This request is for reimaging DePaul-owned Windows computers, Macs, Surface Pros, tablets, and other devices. This request is intended for a user who needs to have their DePaul-computer reimaged. This process consists of wiping the hard drive, reinstalling the operating system, and essentially restoring the computer to out-of-the-box settings. Please note this does not include reinstallation of specialty software, which will need to be reinstalled after the reimage request has been completed.

Computer Requests 

Employees needing new or replacement computers or accessories can find options available here.

Submit a Help Desk Support Incident 

Create an Incident record to report and request assistance with an issue you are having

CRM Email Campaign Request 

Complete the form following the instructions below to request assistance with your project from the CRM Team. After submission, your request will enter the queue and a team member will contact you to discuss further details or to provide a test email.

Data or Reports for Academic Units 

Request Data or Reports for Academic Units (SCPS, LAS, BUS) and Student Affairs.

Data Warehouse Access Request 

DePaul employees may request access to data in the DePaul Data Warehouse.  Note: this data must be approved by the responsible area or data steward.

Data Warehouse ETL Migrations 

This form begins the process of migrating Data Warehouse tables and/or ETL objects between environments. This process is generally limited to the Developers in IS that write these ETLs.

Database Access Request 

Request For Database Access

Database Firewall Update Request 

The Database Firewall Request Form should be used when a DePaul Staff member requires a new Firewall connection from an App/Web/Data Server that they are responsible for Administering, to a Database Server for a particular Application

Database Hosting Request 

Request for New Hosted Database or Retire Existing Hosted Database. This request form can be used by Staff or Faculty to request a new Database/Database Server, or to Retire an existing Database/Database Server.

Database Refresh Request

Refresh contents of non-production database instance with content from production instance. This form is for a database 'owner' or other authorized user (i.e. functional team, data steward, power user, etc.) to request the refresh of content of non-production database instance with content from production instance.  Please note that refreshes are done to support production issues, and are only performed during business hours M-F.  Additionally, refresh requests should be done at least 2 business days before the refresh is needed. 

Database Restore Request 

Restore a database or table from backup

Database Script Request 

Execute database script request

Database Security Assistance Request

For users needing assistance with unlocking a userid, resetting a password, and/or needing assistance with logins. This unlock/reset/assistance request form is for users needing assistance with unlocking a userid, resetting a password, and/or needing assistance with logins. 

Database Sql Assistance Request 

This request form can be used for general SQL assistance, including: performance/tuning/debugging, locking/blocking, etc. 

Delete Friend Account Request

Delete Outlook/Exchange account for Friends of DePaul and other non-employee access​

Digication Course Request 

You can use this form to request that your class be flagged as a Digication course in Peoplesoft (Campus Connection). This will automatically generate Digication accounts for you and your students, and your course will appear under "My Courses" in Digication. Please submit a separate form for each course that you would like to request. If you have questions about this form and aren't sure how to complete it, email

DNS Request 

University departments may use this form to request a domain-level ( Web site address. Information Services is responsible for registering sites within the domain. No name other than a domain name should be registered to a DePaul IP address. 

Door Schedule Change 

Request form for door (FAM) owners to request temporary updates to door/plan access rules. Note, only door owners may submit these requests.  If you are not the official owner of the door(s) affected by these requests, your request will be rejected. 


E-Fax service request

Email Retention Change Request 

Email resource accounts can have different retention policies applied, which will affect how long emails are kept before being purged.  The resource mailbox owner should complete this request. 

Firewall Request

Request by application owners and system admins for additions or updates to firewall for system/server access.

Friend Tier Enhanced Microsoft 365 License Request Form 

Enhanced Microsoft 365 Service Offerings. This request form is to add additional Microsoft 365 license features to an existing Friend account.  You can find details on the two license tiers here.  All Friends are initially provisioned with Tier 1 license offering.

General Academic/Research Request 

Request from Academic or Research customer for technology need. This request form is for requests that don’t involve a “down” service or application, and where there is not an existing specific request form.

Generic Networks Requests

Request for updates to DePaul's networks and network equipment. This form is for system owners or administrators to request updates or changes to existing network equipment/devices or configurations.  This is not generally intended for requests to update firewall or load balancer settings/configurations.

Generic Systems Team Request (Server updates, etc.)

This form is for system owners or administrators to request updates or changes from the Systems team, generally for updates to data center resources (e.g. server configurations, storage details, load balancer updates, etc.  )

Generic User Request 

Generic request form for requests we do not yet have a purpose-built form created. Most technology services have forms within the Service Portal allowing users to request assistance or service.  This form is for requesting an update or service request for a service we do not yet have a purpose-built form for.  

Guest/Conference WiFi/ Lab Computer Access 

This form is for requesting event/conference guest wifi and/or lab computer access for guests attending a conference or event at DePaul. Please submit your request **48 hours** prior to your event at minimum to ensure your Request will be processed. Requests submitted less than 48 hours may not be fulfilled prior to the event. If you have an immediate need, contact the Help Desk at 312-362-8765.

Help Desk Ticket 

Create a Help Desk ticket to report and request assistance with an issue you are having. If you need assistance with a password reset or if your issue requires an immediate response, please contact the Help Desk directly at (312) 362-8765.

ImageNow Access

ImageNow access request form.

Infrastructure Change Request 

Any change made to a production system should follow  the procedures defined in that area.  For most systems within the control of the Information Services Infrastructure teams, any changes to production systems must start with  filling out this form.  For a list of systems or types of changes that do not follow this process, click herePlease note that requests for all non-emergency changes must be submitted at least 2 business days before the requested change.  

Infrastructure Purchase Request

Internal Information Services purchase requests.

Kb Article Update 

Knowledge base article update request form.

Lab Sw Install Request 

This form is used to request the installation of courseware applications in the University's labs and PC classrooms. Note: Individual departments are responsible for the software that is in use in their area. Please acquire the software license and media that is needed before you send in the lab software installation request.

Mail Physical ID Card Request 

Request to have a physical Blue Demon Card sent to your mailing address.

Mailman Request 

DePaul faculty and staff can use this form to request a mailing list for their university-related course, field, or organization. A confirmation of your request will be sent to you by e-mail. Included in the e-mail will be links to the website for administering your mailing list the website for your groups' members. Both websites are user-friendly and easy to understand. If you have questions, contact

Network File Recovery Request 

Request a network file or folder be restored from backup. Netadmin may be able to recover files or folders stored on the network drives (U: and W: drives).  Please be aware that files which have been created and deleted on the same day, or versions of files edited and then deleted on the same day, may not have been backed up yet, and that we cannot recover files or folders if they were deleted or over-written prior to 90 days ago. 

Network Folder Request 

Request new, or updates to, shared network folders for department/team storage (W: Drive). Folders located on the W: drive serve as common repositories of documents for departments or teams at DePaul. Every department has a shared top-level folder, organized by departments and colleges. Underneath the top-level departmental/college folder, are individual folders for business use (i.e. for individual teams, departments, etc.). These folders must be owned by a full-time faculty or staff member.

Network Jack Install Request 

Request a new network wall installation, or activation of an existing network connection. Authorized representatives of university departments may use this form for network data jack installations or activations. This form can be used to install new network jacks, add network jacks to a specific location, or activate existing network jacks for data service. Please note that any new network requests received in June will be billed in the next fiscal year.

Network Printer Request 

Request installation and setup of a new network printer, or the move, replacement, or retirement of an existing network connection. Authorized representatives of university departments may use this form for network printer installations or updates/replacements/removals.

New Distribution List Request 

Request a new email distribution list. An employee email distribution list is helpful when sending emails to a group of DePaul emails (department or team members). Please note, only users with DePaul email addresses can be added to this list, and lists are generally not available for use to people outside of DePaul.  If you need a list for contacts outside of DePaul, please request a Mailman Listserv.  

New Friend Account 

Friend of DePaul account creation request. A "Friend of DePaul" is an account that can be set up for users who are not students or employees (e.g. temp workers; consultants; interns, or contract workers not included on the DePaul payroll). These individuals are added in PeopleSoft to generate a user ID and employee ID. Once the user ID is generated a DePaul University ID Card can be created for the user if one is needed. If necessary, an administrative e-mail and file sharing account can also be created.

New Project Request 

This form is intended for DePaul staff and faculty to request work from Information Services.

New Resource Mailbox 

Request for new resource mailbox creation. DePaul employees may request creation of resource mailboxes separate from their own mailbox account. A resource owner must be staff or faculty but can grant additional access to the resource to those with other roles.

New Server Request

Information Services provides server hosting services in support of official university business or academic use. This form is used to request a server from the Infrastructure team. If you have any questions on the form details or requirements, please contact, or consult either the Infrastructure Systems - Server Offerings or Getting Started With Your New Server documents, which contain basic information about what the Infrastructure Systems team deploys for servers, and/or what you'll need to know once your server is delivered.

New ServiceNow Form Request 

This form is for IS staff to ask for a new Request form to be added into ServiceNow. This form is for Departments using ServiceNow to ask for a new Request form to be added (or updated) into ServiceNow.

Non-Standard Computer Request

Do you have computer requirements outside of the standard DePaul-issued computers? Make the request through this form with more information about your specific computer needs.

PC Classroom Reservation

PC Classrooms are hybrid computer labs/classrooms that provide the same teaching experience as Technology Equipped Classrooms with the addition of individual computers for each student. A PC Classroom provides access to an Intelliprint station directly in the room. PC Classrooms located on the Lincoln Park and the Loop campuses can be reserved by completing the PC Classroom Request forms found at DePaul Room Scheduling. For questions about PC Classrooms, email

Phone Request (Move/Add/Change) 

Request to add new physical phone or Softphone, request a replacement physical phone, or request a change to a physical phone or Softphone.

PeopleSoft and BlueSky Access

PeopleSoft and BlueSky access requests.

Resource Mailbox Updates 

Request form to make updates to resource mailboxes, including add/remove send-as users, change owners, or delete the mailbox. This form is for resource mailbox owners to request updates to an existing mailbox’s configuration.

Ring Central Agent Add/Change 

Set up or change an agent in an existing call queue in Ring Central.

Server Administrative Access Changes 

Move-add-change of server admin(s). This form should be filled out by the identified server/system technical or functional owner(s).

Server Retirements

Request to retire a server.

Service Catalog Update Request

Request a new Service Catalog Page, update to an existing page, or removal of an existing page. This form is to allow users to request a new Service Catalog Page, update to an existing page, or removal of an existing page.  For any other updates or questions regarding the Service Catalog, please email

SharePoint Site Update

For assistance updating sites owned by Student Affairs, LAS and SCPS only

Single Sign-On Setup Request 

To request that an application be configured for use with Information Services’ SSO/SAML/SP systems, please fill out the following request form. Scroll down and make sure that you have the required technical details before starting your request. 

Static IP Request 

University departments and users may use this form when they need to request an unchanging (static) IP address for a computer.  Please note that static IPs are only available for wired network connections, and not for WiFi connections. 

Streaming Media Account (Panopto) Request 

Request Panopto account. ​​​​To request a streaming media account please fill in the form below and click on the submit button. Please note, this account is not necessary to view Panopto videos, it is only required for staff that manage and support faculty with videos in the Panopto system.

Submit Online ID Photos 

Submit a profile photo online. 

Suspend Compromised Accounts 

Suspend accounts that have been hacked or compromised.

Tableau Requests

Tableau request: new report creator, new project, or updates to existing project. Use this form to request Tableau server updates, including adding a new report creator, project, or updates to a project or access group.  

Teams Audio License 

Request to have a Teams Dial-in number added to their Teams meetings (Audio Conferencing license). Information Services has procured a limited number of licenses for users that need to create meetings that require access from a phone line.

U-Pass Mailing Request 

Request a U-Pass be sent to your mailing address.

U-Pass Optout Request

Request to opt-out of Ventra U-Pass.

Update Email Distribution List Membership 

Request to add or remove users from an Email distribution list. Note: Only list owners or approved list editors can request updates to the list.

Update ServiceNow Group Membership

Request user be added or removed to/from a ServiceNow group. This request form is intended for users to request a user be added to, or removed from, an existing ServiceNow group.  To request a new group be created, please email SNAdmin. 

Virtual Lab Software Install 

Request form to get access to software titles in Virtual Lab that are only available via request. Please note, these titles are only available for faculty or students to request, and due to certain licensing restrictions they are limited to those with a need based on specific course requirements.

VPN Access Request


Zoom Incident Reporting 

Report an incident of an intentional disruption of a Zoom meeting, also known as Zoombombing. This form is to report an incident of an intentional disruption of a Zoom meeting, also known as Zoombombing.