IT Project Management Office: Important topics to consider before requesting a project

Important Topics Before Requesting a Project

There are important questions to ask before pursuing any technology project. Some of these potential questions can be quite obvious, and others may require technology experts who understand the interdependencies of a large university with multiple schools, departments, and offices working with a variety of systems, applications, and software.

Questions to ask before making a project request:

  • How does this project contribute to the core mission and goals of the university?
  • Will this project result in efficient use of university resources?
  • Is there an existing solution already being utilized by another area?
  • What members of the university community will be impacted by this project?

Some of these questions are pretty straightforward; others will likely be challenging to answer. This is where project managers are a vital aspect of any project discussion. DePaul's IT PMO team has experience working between technology and systems, and they also know how to work with a multitude of groups throughout the university.

Having trouble answering some questions? Reach out to us.

Please reach out with any questions. Initial discussions before committing to a project can result in much more clarity about the potential challenges and benefits of pursuing a new project. Email for more information.

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