Long Email Address (Change Primary Email Address Function)

A long email address allows DePaul faculty and staff to customize the appearance of their email address (IE first.lastname@depaul.edu). Please note that this does not change your username, which should still be used for logging into DePaul systems. If you have any questions, please call the Help Desk at 312-362-8765 or email the Help Desk at helpdesk@depaul.edu.

Setting Up a Long Email Address

1. Log into Campus Connect

2. Select the NavBar Icon in the top right corner

3. Select Navigator

4. Select Self Service

5. Select Campus Personal Information

6. Scroll down and Select New Primary Email Address

Once there, the user may only select from the parts of their name that are provided on the screen. A user may, if they wish, select a 'Preferred Name' in the system, which can be used as a source when constructing their new primary email address.

Note: This action will NOT change your preferred email address that systems use to send you notifications, and you will still receive emails at your original email address, however, some systems (i.e. Zoom) use the preferred email address from the system to synchronize your account, so we strongly encourage anyone selecting a long email to go into BlueSky and set this as their new preferred email address.