MacOS: Remote Desktop (RD) Gateway Helper Tool

MacOS X RD Gateway Instructions

Note: These instructions assume you have downloaded and installed the Microsoft Remote Desktop app from the App Store.

Using RD Gateway with the Helper tool.

  1. Follow the instructions to download the .rdp file using the Helper tool. Download the file to a place where you can easily find it.
  2. Open Microsoft Remote Desktop. Select Connections > Import from RDP file…

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  1. Find and select the OnCampusPC.rdp file that you downloaded earlier using the Helper tool, then click Import.

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  1. The result will be an OnCampusPC entry in your available Microsoft Remote Desktop connections:

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  1. When you are ready to connect, double-click this entry. You will be prompted to enter your BlueKey password for your username (ensure the username is in the format DPU\username or, where username is your BlueKey ID). Do so and click Continue. You may be prompted to accept a certificate – if so, click Continue when prompted.

  1. After the Microsoft Remote Desktop client finishes configuring the PC connection, you should be logged into your Windows desktop.