Microsoft FindTime (Meeting Poll): Getting Started

FindTime shows what days and times work the best for you and the attendees when available using free/busy data. Propose your selected times to all attendees and allow everyone to vote and quickly come to a consensus. FindTime is currently an Outlook add-in for scheduling meetings. Microsoft will soon be releasing an update to Outlook to remove the add-in and adding an Outlook feature called Scheduling Polls. 

How Do I Access: 

  • Outlook: To install the FindTime plugin you can follow these instructions. 
  • Once Microsoft updates FindTime to Scheduling Polls the add in will no longer be necessary 

Meeting Creation: 

Once you have the plugin installed in Outlook you can create polls for meeting times.  You choose the attendees, time, and length of the meeting.  There are also several other options to select: 

  • Notify me about poll updates: You’ll receive an email each time an attendee votes. The message includes the current poll status and an option to schedule. 
  • Schedule when attendees reach consensus: A calendar event is automatically scheduled if all required attendees have voted in favor of a specific time option. If multiple options are available, the earliest option will be scheduled. 
  • Hold selected times on my calendar: A tentative event is placed on your calendar for each time option you propose. All holds are removed when the meeting is scheduled or the poll is canceled. 
  • Lock poll for attendees: Attendees will not be able to suggest new times or edit other attendees. 
  • Require attendees to verify their identity: To help prevent anonymous voting, attendees will be required to authenticate before voting. 
  • Email notifications in FindTime language: The language that you use FindTime in will be used to send related email notifications. Otherwise these notifications will be sent in English. 

Existing Meetings: 

For meeting polls that you have created using FindTime you can view your dashboard to check the results.  From the dashboard there are also settings that can be adjusted. You can review those settings here. 


Meeting Invitee: 

If you have been invited to vote on a meeting poll you can go here for instructions on how to vote.