Microsoft Teams: Emergency Locations

Laptop or Desktop while on Campus

911 location services within the Teams Application will automatically grab your approximate location while you are on the DePaul campus. Whether your device is connected to the wireless network or wired network. This means that if you had to make a 911 call using the Teams application, the 911 dispatch will automatically receive the location you are dialing from if you are on DePaul's campus

Laptop or Desktop while off Campus

When off campus, Teams will try to estimate your location for emergency calling.

This is best adjusted to your actual address in case of emergency

You can use the search box to enter your address, or if you are having trouble finding the Address with search, enter your address manually

Note: This lookup field does not recognize addresses with abbreviations in them. (i.e. w for west, st for street) you must type out the whole address:for example: 1234 s State ST

: 1234 South State Street

While working remotely, setting a location ensures that if you have to make a 911 call from your Teams application, 911 dispatchers will automatically have your location.

Mobile Phones On or Off Campus

Making 911 calls using the Teams application from your mobile phone will use your native dial pad. Essentially if you need to make a 911 call while in Teams on your mobile phone it would use your phones built in location services.