Microsoft Teams Using Classroom Phones

The Classroom model of phone is not touch screen. Navigation is done with the silver button below the screen. Other important buttons are labeled below:

A picture of the Classroom Teams Phone, highlighing important buttons



If the screen is powered off, pressing any button will wake the screen to this menu. You can find the phone number for the device below the User Icon at the top.

View of the Main Menu

From this menu, pressing the Button under the Phone icon, will take you to the device's call history.


Making a Call

To make a call on the handset, lift the handset, the phone will automatically go to the call screen.
To make a call on speakerphone, press the speakerphone button to get to the call screen.


You can now start typing the number you're trying to call. To dial outside the university you do not need to dial 9 first. If you make a mistake, pressing the right most button below the screen will backspace.

After a short delay, the phone will start calling automatically. If dialing a 5-digit extension it will not automatically start the call like on previous classroom phones, you can press the phone icon button to manually start the call.



While the phone is ringing, the rightmost button below the screen will hang up the call.

From here the 4 buttons do the following from right to left: