Physical Phone Setup for Individual Users


Read this information about plugging in your phone

Login to Physical Phone

  1. You should get a screen that looks like this on the phone

    You might need to hit a button that says "Refresh Code", if you don't already see a code. Please direct to this URL in your computer browser.

  2. You’ll get to screen like this on your computer web browser. Please type the code you see on the phone. Hit next after your done

  3. Once you’ve typed in the code you’ll need to login with your DePaul credentials.

  4. You should get redirected to a DePaul login screen to enter your password; Enter your password and hit sign in


  5. An MFA request will show up on the screen with the code, the device connected to your account for MFA should ping a request.


    6. Once you have accepted the MFA request. Your screen should look like this

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