Project Requests, Consulting, and Development

Consulting and Application Development

People-based services that support the management of IT for the institution. Comprises consulting services not related to specific services identified in other categories. Includes enterprise architecture, continuous improvement and innovation, digital accessibility, IT communication and documentation, IT service delivery and support, portfolio and project management, and training and outreach.

Is it time to make a project request?

If any of these questions are confusing, you can always start the project request process by reaching out to the project team at

Questions to ask before making a formal project request:

Should I submit a ticket instead of making a request?

Is an existing technology system, service, or application broken or not working properly? If the answer is yes, you may want to start by submitting a ticket to the Help Desk. Typically, if an existing service isn't working properly, it won't require a project request.

Is there an existing form for my request?

Most technology services and requests already have forms within the Service Portal. Review this page that serves as a directory of existing request forms.

Not sure what to do?

Sometimes requests and projects have different needs. If you're at all unsure whether you need to launch a project, the project management team is here to help guide you through your technology request. You can reach out to the team at

If none of the previous questions apply, it may be time to request a new project.

If none of the questions above apply, it may be time to begin the project discussion. The project process begins by submitting the New Project Request form. Use this request form if you would like to inquire about a larger new project. The IT PMO team will reach out to you after the form has been received. You can also reach out to the team at