Qualtrics: Collaborating on a project/Sharing a survey

You can share projects in Qualtrics with other individuals. You must be the owner of a survey to share.

To collaborate on/share a survey:

1. Navigate to the Projects page in Qualtrics

Projects being selected from the navigation menu

2. Click the project dropdown menu to the right of the project you want to collaborate on.

On the Projects page, the dropdown next to a project shows the collaborate option

3. Choose 'Collaborate'

4. Type names into the field to search, or select the 'User and Group Address Book'

the user and group address book option when sharing a project

5. Select the user or user group you want to collaborate with from the list and click Add Selected. Use the search bar in the top-right corner of the window to quickly locate your user or user group.

A list of groups and users. Two are selected. In the bottom-right is the Add Selected button

6. Select the checkboxes for the collaboration permissions you want to grant each person or group you’ve added.

The collaboration permissions when collaborating on a project.

7. Click 'Save'

For more information, see the Qualtrics documentation.