Qualtrics: Using Authenticators in Surveys

The authenticator feature in Qualtrics can be used to verify the identity of survey respondents by requiring login using BlueKey credntials. It can also be used to capture simple demographic information about a respondent as embedded data and to help reduce spam or unwanted responses. Authenticators should only be used with surveys where the respondents are internal to DePaul (i.e. Those that have valid BlueKey credentials). More detailed instructions can be found here.


To add an authenticator to your survey:

  1. In Qualtrics, go to Projects
  2. Click your Survey to open Edit Survey view
  3. Click the Survey Flow icon An image of two boxes, one underneath the other, connected by lines.
  4. Click + Add a New Element Here
  5. Click on Authenticator
  6. Change the authentication type to SSO
  7. Change the SSO type to Shibboleth
  8. Change the Connection type to DePaul Azure Auth
  9. At the bottom of the Authentication block, click Move
  10. Drag and drop so the Authentication block is the first item in the flow
  11. Click Apply in the lower right of the screen

Optional - Capture Embedded Data:

  1. Check Capture respondent identifying info
  2. Click Add Embedded Data...
  3. On the left column of the table that appears, give a human readable column name (e.g. Firstname)
  4. On the right column, use one of the fieldnames below to capture the relevant information
  5. Add more rows to capture all of the desired data by clicking on the Plus sign
  6. When done, click Apply in the bottom right of the screen

Field From SSO Description

This is the Emplid of the authenticated user

Last Name Surname or Family Name
First Name Given Name
Email Email address used for BlueKey authentication