Remote Desktop for Windows: Off-Campus macOS Client

Before You Start

Connect from Off-Campus macOS Client

     On your remote machine or off-campus computer, you will need to use the Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDP) client for macOS.

Install RDP Client


1. Open AppStore and login if necessary.

2. In the top left search bar, type Microsoft Remote Desktop 10







3. Click the Get button, then click Install.







4. Once installation is complete click Open.

Add Device

Let’s add our on-campus computer to the list of device.

1. Click Add PC.








2. On the Add PC menu, enter the on-campus computer’s IP address and create a friendly name for it.
















3. You can double-click to initiate the RDP connection, and enter your username and password.








4. By default, Windows computers have a self-signed certificate and will show a certificate error upon connection.






5. You should now be connected to your on-campus computer via RDP from a remote macOS client.