Remote Desktop for Windows: On-Campus Setup

Please note: these instructions are for DePaul student employees, faculty, or staff only.

The Remote Desktop feature available in Window desktops allows you to remotely control your office computer while you are at home or traveling. This application offers tremendous flexibility by providing access to your office resources, data, and applications when you are off-campus. However, using this application does present additional risks to your computer, institutional data, and university resources. Since Remote Desktop does present additional risks for you and the university, it is important to follow all the steps in this document. These steps will offer additional protection to prevent unauthorized access to your computer.

There are two options to set up your Windows computer. 

Option 1 - Run Enable Remote Desktop Utility

Information Services has released a utility to all DePaul managed Windows computers, letting Windows users with administrator permissions automatically set up their computer for remote desktop access.  Instructions and details can be found here

Option 2 - Manual Configuration

*This configuration only can be performed by an administrator of the computer.

1. Start > Settings > System > Remote Desktop.

2. Click on 'Enable Remote Desktop'.

3. Click 'Yes' when asked 'Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?'

4. Click 'Confirm' when asked "Enable Remote Desktop?'

5. Click on 'Show settings' next to Keep my PC awake for connections when it is plugged in.

6. Choose 'Never' under 'Sleep - When plugged in, PC goes to sleep after'.


7. Click on the <- to go back to the previous screen.

8. Click on 'Select users that can remotely access this PC' under User accounts.

9. Click 'Yes' when asked 'Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?'

10. Click 'Add' on the Remote Desktop Users. Please note: it will say DPU\USERNAME already has access but this does not mean Remote Desktop is available to this computer. You must add your username by clicking the "Add" button and following the rest of these steps to finish the setup.

11. Enter your username and click 'OK'.

12. Click 'OK' again to close Remote Desktop Users.

13. Close Remote Desktop with the X in the top right-hand corner.


Make sure to do the following after the above setup:

    1. Click on the Wi-Fi Network icon in the taskbar.
    2. Select the network you are connected to.
    3. Click on "Properties."
    4. Scroll down to the bottom of the window. Your IP address will be shown next to "IPv4 address. It will consist of a series of digits separated by periods. Take note of this.