Transact Mobile Credentials: Android Setup

Signing up for Transact Mobile Credential requires that you are registered for BlueKey multi-factor authentication. If you are not registered, please visit to check your settings or register.

Video Tutorial

View the minimum device and operating system requirements in the Getting Started knowledge base article.

Step-by-Step Tutorial

  1. Enable NFC on your phone in your Settings menu. NFC settings can be found in different areas of the Settings menu, depending on your device. A common location is under Connections, Connected Devices, or Connection Settings. (If you’re having trouble finding any of these options, type connections or connection settings in the search bar.)

  2. Toggle the NFC setting to On.

  3. You must have the Google Pay app, and it has to be set as the default payment method in order to use your Mobile Credential. Open or download Google Pay. Setup up your account if you just downloaded it. If the app prompts you to add a credit card, you don’t need to. You can bypass that screen and return to the Google Pay home screen.

  4. This process may vary depending on your device, but you must make sure that Google Pay is enabled as your default payment app. You may be abe to change your default in the Connection Settings (often by clicking on the NFC button), or you may need to search for instructions to make Google Pay your default payment method based on your specific Android device.

  5. Download the Transact eAccounts Mobile app from the Google Play Store to your phone.

  6. Open Transact eAccounts, click through the startup screens and tap Get Started.

  7. Search for DePaul University.

  8. Select DePaul BlueKey

  9. Enter your BlueKey Credentials to authenticate your device.

  10. Once you have successfully authenticated in eAccounts, click the Add to Google Pay button to add your Blue Demon Card to Google Pay.

    • Continue through the prompts (Next, Accept the DePaul University Terms & Conditions).
    • Next, Accept the Google Pay Terms of Service.
    • The next screen will confirm that the ID has been added to Google Pay. It may take a few minutes for this process to complete, but your Mobile Credential should look like this when you are done:

Using Mobile Credential on Android


Contact information for the ID Card Office is also available from the Blue Demon Card menu in Google Pay.