What Are The Available D2L Roles?

Roles that are the Same as Instructor:

Teaching Assistant 
– can be added by the instructor

Moderator – used in non-course courses; can add participants

Librarian – used to add embedded librarians into classes

ID - this is an invisible role (can’t be seen in the D2L Classlist)


Roles that are the Same as Student:

 – (used in non-course courses – can be added by moderator)


Other Roles:

Reviewer – A student role that allows access to material that is not visible to students normally

Course Copier - Use this role to allow a colleague to copy material from your course. The user is not able to make any changes to the course or see any student data but can copy.

Tutor – This is a copy of reviewer but is invisible – designed specifically for QRC tutors but could be used for others.

Incomplete – can be used to add a student to a course for the purposes of completing and incomplete – provides access to a course that is inactive (email d2l@depaul.edu to request this access after the term has ended)

Fellows (used by Writing Fellows) – TA level access

LOR Creator – this role gives users the ability to publish to the LOR

Observer – this is an invisible role (can’t be seen in the D2L Classlist)

CDM Grader – This is a TA type role used only by CDM that is invisible to the students (doesn’t appear in the classlist)

TA(No Grades) – Has permissions to edit all areas of the course (like and instructor) but has no access to grades