Google G-Suite: Google Drive Info

Google Drive provides unlimited storage of files for DePaul Staff and Faculty and enables easy collaboration utilizing the Google Suite of applications (Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets).

Google Drive is enabled primarily for the purpose of allowing other entities to share content with DePaul faculty and staff. Information Services recommends utilizing Microsoft 365 for content sharing and collaboration. 

What type of DePaul data can I store on Google Drive?

Access to and Responsible Use of Data Policy governs where and how DePaul data should be managed.

Data Storage: What is Allowed provides a sample list of what data can be stored in which storage locations.

How to use Google Drive:

It is recommended you visit the Google Learning Center for the most up to date information on how to use Google Drive.  Google allows you to sync files to your desktop using Google File Stream.


With Google Drive you are allowed unlimited storage of files, but below are the limits for each type of file stored in Google Drive: