DePaul Blogs: General Information

What is DePaul Blogs?

DePaul Blogs is self-service WordPress platform available to active DePaul faculty, staff and students. A DePaul Blog is a great way to showcase your professional efforts.

Who can use DePaul Blogs?

DePaul faculty, staff and students interested in signing up for a personal blog may do so using their Campus Connect account. In addition, a department at DePaul can request a departmental blog by completing the request form here. Use of the DePaul Blogs Service is limited to currently employed DePaul faculty and staff, and currently enrolled DePaul students only. If you are no longer a currently employed DePaul faculty or staff member, or no longer a currently enrolled student at DePaul, DePaul shall cancel your use of the services and delete any of your content.

Review the Privacy Policy

Anyone signing up for a DePaul Blogs account should make sure to familiarize themselves with the terms of service, including the Privacy Policy, which can be found here.


Additional Information