Eduroam Setup: Mac OS

Step 1

Connect to the "depaul" WiFi network and once redirect to the "DePaul WiFi Setup" page click on "Laptops" to start the setup.


Captive Portal


Step 2

Click "JoinNow".


Secure W2 Join


Step 3

Your computer will start the download for the WiFi configuration utility. *Note: If this page shows a "No Internet Connection" message you may not have opened the full Safari browser when navigating to the setup page.


Installer Download


Step 4

Save the installer file.


Save Installer


Step 5

Launch the downloaded application.


Run Installer


Step 6

Click "Open".


Confirm Open

Step 7

Click Next to be redirected to the University Login page.


Click Next


Step 8

After entering in your BlueKey login credentials ( email address and password) you will be redirected back to the SecureW2 application to complete the setup process.




Step 9

Sign in with your Mac's local credentials to allow the new WiFi profile and certificate to be installed.


Enter Campus Connect Credentials


Step 10

When prompted, enter your laptop's keychain password and select "Always Allow". This password is your login password for you Mac computer.


mac keychain


Step 11

The program will complete the setup process.


Configuration continues


Step 12

The installer will attempt to connect you to the DePaul Eduroam network if it is in range.


Attempting Connection

Step 13

You have completed the configuration and should now be able to use the DePaul Eduroam WiFi network.