Residence Halls: Connecting Legacy and Gaming Devices to Wired Network Jacks

Registering with NetAuth

Devices connecting to the wired network infrastructure in the residence halls will need to follow these steps at least once each academic year.

Looking to wirelessly connect your gaming system? Click here for Legacy/Other Device instructions.

Students living in the residence halls will need to pre-register any devices that they wish to connect to the DePaul network via a wired connection.  Each student can register up to 5 devices.  The registration does not expire as long as the student is an active student at DePaul.

Registering a device to connect to the residence hall wired network:

  1. Determine the wired MAC address of the device you wish to connect:
    1. Popular Gaming and Streaming Devices
  2. Open a Web Browser on your device.
    1. If your device does not have a Web Browser or there is an issue registering your device please navigate on a separate device to or contact the Help Desk‚Äč.
      2. If you aren't automatically directed to the Network Authentication page, simply navigate to
  3. Login with your BlueKey login credentials ( email address and password).
  4. Click on "Register Device", Enter in a common name for your device and add the MAC Address then click "Create Device"