Door Access

Door Access

Certain offices, computer labs, buildings, and residence halls on campus have restricted access. These door locks are controlled by a swipe card access system. They allow access only to specific individuals and/or only during specified business hours. Any DePaul community member with access privileges can unlock a door by swiping their DePaul ID Card through the card reader.

Access to these locations is governed by the Facility Access Management (FAM) Policy. The FAM policy stats that the following is how ID Card Access will be updated:

ID Card Access: Delegate facility access managers appointed with ID card oversight privileges will utilize the Facility Access Management program in Campus Connect and will follow all access management guidelines to effectively establish management plans for swipe-enabled doors and to assign and remove ID card door access privileges for students, faculty and staff, as appropriate. The overarching expectation is that after-hours access, especially to exterior and suite-entry doors, is restricted to a limited number of individuals requiring regular or frequent access for approved and ongoing business or academic objectives.

FAM Managers are designated via proxy from the VP or Dean from each division.

If you need help determining who your FAM Manager is, a good place to start is the Budget Manager for your department. If you have questions or are having issues with current access, please contact

To request a new card reader:

For more information about card readers and how to request a new card reader, visit the Card Readers page.

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