Digication is DePaul's official ePortfolio platform for students, faculty and staff to showcase and reflect upon their work and ideas.  Digication offers an easy-to-use system for documenting learning, discovery, progress, achievement, and reflection. It can also be used for assessment, collaborative projects, teaching resources, and research presentations. There's no limit to the number of ePortfolios users can create.  Students can continue to use their accounts after graduating, making it an ideal platform to showcase their resume or career portfolio.

Logging In

All students, faculty, and staff are automatically given a Digication account. Log in at depaul.digication.com using your Campus Connect username and password, or contact DigicationHelp if you have trouble logging in.

Training and Support


ePortfolios@DePaul: The University Center for Writing Based Learning has an extensive guide on designing ePortfolios in Digication.  This guide, built and published using Digication, includes how-to technical guides, portfolio samples, sample media, and contacts for help and support.

College of Education E-Portfolio Resources: Find more information about creating an Integrative Knowledge E-Portfolio (IKE) on the College of Education's website. 

DePaul Career Center's Portfolio Guide: A portfolio is a presentation of your best work and demonstration of your skills. Portfolios can be used when applying for internships and jobs, gaining freelancing clients and applying to graduate schools.   Find out more on the Career Center's website.

First Year Writing at DePaul: All First Year Writing at DePaul students compose digital portfolios using Digication to present, to showcase, and to reflect on your WRD coursework and learning outcomes.   Find out more information in their Digication portfolio.

Writing Center Appointment: Make an appointment at the Writing Center for one-on-one Digication training and ePortfolio development support.  All Writing Center tutors are familiar with the Digication platform. Every Writing Center Tutor designs and maintains their own Digication ePortfolio, where they represents and reflects on their work as a peer writing tutor. Writing Center Tutors can work with you on any aspect of Digication. They offer both Face-to-Face and Online Realtime appointments.

Technical Support: There is a Help button in the upper-right corner of the screen to access help resources published by Digication. Technical problems using Digication should be directed to Digication.  To report system outages, request new features, and for other technical support for Digication, visit support.digication.com or contact the Digication Help Desk at support@digication.com.


Teaching Commons:  DePaul advocates the use of ePortfolios to promote and represent reflective practices across learning in multiple professional, curricular, and co-curricular experiences.  Find out more in the Teaching Commons digication guide.

Request a Digication Course: Request to enroll an entire class section in digitation so your stuents can share their portfolio with the class and submit assignments to you.

Digication Training for Your Students by UCWbL: The University Center for Writing-based Learning (UCWbL) offers 45- to 90-minute-long, in-class interactive workshops on Digication.  Learn more about how to schedule the UCWbL for a workshop in your class.  The UCWbL also has an extensive guide on designing  ePortfolios@DePaul.  This guide, built and published using Digication, includes how-to technical guides, portfolio samples, and contacts for help and support. Finally, students can make an appointment at the Writing Center for one-on-one Digication training and ePortfolio development support.

Help & Support for Faculty: Where to go for technical and instructional support with Digication.