U-Pass: General Information and Distribution


U-Pass Video for New and Returning Students

  1. 2:49 – U-Pass for New Students
  2. 5:50 – U-Pass for Returning Students
  3. 6:47 – Replacement U-Pass

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What is the U-Pass?

The Ventra U-Pass provides unlimited rides for eligible DePaul students on CTA buses and trains during the Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer Quarters. The U-Pass is not available during the Winter Intersession.

U-Pass Eligibility

Students must meet the following three criteria:

All students meeting these criteria will automatically be enrolled for the U-Pass. Your U-Pass will be adjusted accordingly if your enrollment changes prior to the last day to drop courses. Students must have a DePaul-issued ID card before they can receive a U-Pass. You can find information on how to receive your DePaul ID Card by going here.

For the 2023-24  Winter/Spring Term

U-Pass Opt Out

Eligible students who do not need the U-Pass for the fall term can opt out of the U-Pass by completing the U-Pass OPT OUT. Eligible students must complete the form by January 29th, 2024. Students who do not complete the opt-out form before the deadline will be charged the U-Pass fee regardless of use. Credits for the U-Pass fee will be issued by February 7th, 2024.

How to get your U-Pass:

Request for replacement U-Pass: 

If you have lost or had your U-Pass stolen you must purchase a replacement U-Pass. Students will need to add $50.00 to their Demon Express account. Please be sure to contact upass@depaul.edu or the Blue Demon Card offices if you place money into Demon Express for a replacement U-Pass.

U-Pass Availability Dates for Winter Term/LAW Spring Term

Student Classification  Start Date End Date 
LAW  January 14, 2024 May 16, 2024
Undergrad and Graduate  January 6, 2024 March 29, 2024

*It can take 3-10 business days for changes in eligibility to be reflected in the Ventra U-Pass system since it is not possible to directly link to the DePaul course enrollment system.