E-Fax: Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I add new employees to the E-Fax service?

When a new employee is hired, they receive an email address from DePaul (username@depaul.edu).

Will my current fax number change?

While you will be assigned a new number for your E-Fax line, any previously used fax numbers will be forwarded to this new number and continue to work.

The E-Fax system will be setup using a new bank of numbers i.e. (312) 476-XXXX. This provides uniformity and allows Information Services the ability to distinguish between fax numbers and phone lines.  On conversion to E-Fax your department will be assigned a new fax number.  However, your old fax number will continue to function as it does today.  We request that when you update your stationary, business cards, etc. you use the new fax number.

Can the receiving party tell whether I have faxed a document via a traditional fax machine or via E-Fax?

The receiver cannot tell whether the faxed document was sent via a fax machine or via E-Fax.

How do I create a departmental email resource?

Open a service request through the DePaul Service Now Portal

I am unable to send a fax via my email account, how can I get this working?

Each account that will be used to send fax messages needs to be given permission to do so. 

How does the fax look on the receiving end?

Is there any associated cost with moving to E-Fax?

No there is not.  In fact, since E-Fax removes the need for fax machines and paper, it can actually reduce costs.

How do I dispose of my old fax machine?

In order to dispose of your old equipment you can contact salvage to arrange for equipment pickup and removal.