Broadcast Emails: How to Unsubscribe

You have requested to unsubscribe from university email broadcasts. You have been receiving these messages because university records indicate that you are a current student, faculty member, staff member, retiree, or friend of DePaul University. Please be aware that certain messages are sent periodically to the entire university community on a need-to-know basis. Students, faculty, and staff may not choose to unsubscribe to these messages. For more information, please see the email broadcast policy.

If you are NOT a current student, faculty member or staff member then you may need to perform certain actions depending on your previous role with the university:

Once you meet one of these conditions the university will discontinue your active status.

If you have enrolled within the last three regular quarters (two semesters for Law students) and no longer wish to attend DePaul, you must formally withdraw from the university through our online process. Please follow the Withdrawal/Leave of Absence Process instructions. Once this is processed, you will no longer be considered an active student and you will no longer receive broadcast emails.

If you are the parent/guardian of a DePaul student who is no longer attending the university, or a Friend of DePaul  who no longer wishes to receive communications from the university, please send an unsubscribe request to

If none of the above apply to you:

Please contact the Help Desk directly at (312) 362-8765.