Eduroam Setup: Linux

Step 1

Connect to the "depaul" wifi network to begin the DePaul Eduroam setup. Click on the settings drop-down from the top right corner of the GNOME menu bar. This will expand the quick settings below the menu bar.These directions cover the necessary steps to connect to DePaul’s SecureW2 wifi network on a modern GNU/Linux desktop system. The steps are documented using Ubuntu 18.04 x86_64, but they should work on most systems with a Python version of at least 2.7. If you encounter issues, please contact the Help Desk by phone at 312-362-8765 or by email at


settings drop down


Step 2

Expand the WiFi options by clicking on the "Wi-Fi Not Connected" button. This will expand further WiFi options within the settings list.


wifi options


Step 3

Click on the "Select Network" menu item. Select the "depaul" ssid from the list and click Connect.


wifi network list


Step 4

The "Hotspot Login" window will open, displaying the DePaul WiFi setup page.


hotspot login


Step 5

Open a full web browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Chrome. Do not continue with the "Hotspot Login" window that was launched automatically as it does not provide the necessary features to continue with enrolling your device.


open a full browser


Step 6

In the web browser's URL bar, type "" and press enter. This will redirect your browser to the SecureW2 configuration tool download page. The website should automatically detect that your system is running Linux. If not, you may select Linux from the drop-down list provided.


cloud configuration tool


Step 7

Ensure that "Linux" is selected in the dropdown list and click the "JoinNow" button. The page will be redirected to a download page where the Linux SecureW2 configuration tool should prompt to download.


file download


Step 8

Once the download has completed, open a terminal. On Ubuntu, the default shortcut is "CTRL+ALT+T", or alternatively press the Meta/Super/Windows key to open the GNOME Activities overview, type "Terminal", and press the "Enter" key.


open terminal


Step 9

In the terminal navigate to the location where you saved the SecureW2 configuration tool. By default the download location will be

If you are unfamiliar with navigating in the terminal, you can type
"cd~/Downloads" without quotes and press "Enter" to change directories to the default download location.

navigate to download


Step 10

In ther terminal execute the SecureW2 configuration tool by typing
"sh" without quotes and pressing the "Enter" key.


run configuration tool


Step 11

The script will validate that your system is able to run the utility and then will prompt for confirmation that you wish to continue.


script authentication


Step 12

At the confirmation prompt press the "Enter" key to continue with the configuration. The configuration tool will open a web browser where you will be prompted to enter your BlueKey login credentials ( email address and password).


enter campus connect credentials


Step 13

Enter your BlueKey login credentials ( email address and password) in the authentication page and click the "Sign In" button. The configuration tool will continue its enrollment process and display status messages of its progress.


configuration tool status


Step 14

Your device should now be connected to the "eduroam" WiFi network and you should be able to use the Internet normally. If you encounter any issues, please contact the Help Desk.