Eduroam Setup: Other Devices

Some types of devices may not have the ability to utilize the latest in wireless technology and more specifically the latest authentication methods. Here at DePaul we use the EAP-TLS authentication method which requires the device to install a certificate locally. If your device isn't able to complete the setups describe for devices such as Mac OSX, Android, or Windows there is another option for connecting to Eduroam with EAP-PEAP-MSCHAPv2 set for authentication.

Select the "eduroam" network from your list of wireless networks and click connect. Ensure you are configured for EAP-PEAP-MSCHAPv2

During the setup of the eduroam Wi-Fi network you will need to input your BlueKey login credentials ( email address and password).

Once you have entered in your BlueKey login credentials you should now be connected. **Please note that unlike a setup with a certificate you will have to change the password used in this setup whenever you change your Campus Connect password in the future.