Google G-Suite: Access from your Apple iOS device

Many of the G Suite services available to DePaul Faculty and Staff are accessible from mobile devices, giving you the power to access, create, and collaborate from anywhere using your phone, laptop, or tablet. Below are instructions for configuring your mobile device to connect to your DePaul G Suite account.

  1. Download and install Google Docs from the App Store.
  2. Open Google Docs.
  3. Tap on Sign in.
  4. Type in your DePaul email address. If you have a long email address you must enter it.
  5. You will be redirected to the DePaul login ​page, enter your Campus Connect username and password to log in​.
  6. You will be prompted to install the latest version of the “Google Device Policy.” Tap on App Store.
  7. Download and Install Google Device Policy.
  8. Open Google Device Policy and tap on "Get Started".
  9. Allow Notifications.
  10. Tap on your DePaul account.
  11. If you wish to proceed, accept the Terms of Service.
  12. Tap on the blue circle to install the profile.
  13. Tap on Allow.
  14. Tap on Install to install the DePaul Policy Profile.
  15. Enter your device passcode.
  16. Tap on Install for the Profile.
  17. At the Warning screen, tap on Install for Mobile Device Management.
  18. Tap on Trust for Remote Management.
  19. Tap on Done.
  20. Tap on Open to see that the policy had synced.​
  21. You may now download and install other Google G Suite applications for use with your DePaul G Suite account.