Network Drive: Employee U/W drives

Information Services provides network file storage for the convenience and productivity of DePaul's employees. Use network file storage for university-related business only. As you would for paper files in your office, please clean up your network files on occasion. You are encouraged to use these network file storage locations to store your university-related content. Network file storge backed up on a regular basis to protect against data loss associated with computer hardware failure.

Employee User Storage (U: Drive)

Each person with an employee e-mail account ( has an individual folder called their U: drive. The folder name matches the username and is for individual use, such as storing files that do not need to be shared with other user.

Department/Team Storage (W: Drive)

Folders located on the W: drive serve as common repositories of documents for departments or teams at DePaul. Every department has a shared top-level folder, organized by departments and colleges. Underneath the top-level departmental/college folder, are individual folders for business use (i.e. for individual teams, departments, etc.). These folders must be owned by a full-time faculty or staff member. Access to your department's shared folder is typically requested by supervisors along with your username and employee email. In addition to these individual folders, all college and departmental folders contain a folder labeled Public. The Public folder is generally available to everyone who has access to the department's/college's folder structure. Do not put any sensitive information in the Public folder or any folders underneath it.


W: Drive folder Creation Requests and Access Requests may be requested by submitting the Network Folder Request form.


Accessing Network File Storage

On-campus Windows

DePaul-managed Windows computers will auto-map to the U and W drives at logon, and users can access these while on DePaul's network within File Explorer.

On-campus Mac

Mac users can log in using their Campus Connect credentials on the Map Drive Mapping page to receive a clickable link which will map the network drives. This method is written specifically for Mac and will not work on Windows computers.

Labs and Classrooms

In classrooms and computer labs, double click the U & W drive icon on the desktop.


Access the U and W drives off-campus via one of two ways: