Networking: Installing a New Network Jack

IS installs new data jacks installed upon request throughout the University.  If there is currently no data jack installed and you would like a new one installed, please follow the steps below.  If there is a data jack already installed, but it appears to be inactive, please see Activating an Existing Network Jack.

Please note that any new network jack requests received in June will be billed in the next fiscal year.

  1. Enter a service request through the Service Now portal for the installation of a new jack.
  2. A networks team member will coordinate a visit to come asses the desired location.
    1. If additional cables are needed, a request will be submitted to Facility Operations. The cost of the new cabling installation is the responsibility of the requesting department; it can range from $200-$1200 depending on building and location. A quote will be provided prior to completion of any work. Once approved, installation will take one to three weeks.
    2. If cabling is already present, but inactive, IS will activate the jack for a cost of $105/jack.  Please see Activating an Existing Network Jack.
    3. If cabling is already present, active, but not on the correct network for your device, IS will reconfigure the jack for no charge.
  3. Once the new jack has been installed by FO, and activated by IS, an IS team member will contact you letting you know the work is complete.
  4. IS will process a budget transfer for the activation cost and FO will process a budget transfer for the installation cost.

Contact the Help Desk at 312-362-8765 (5-HELP) or with any questions.