Email Encryption: Import GPG Keys

Import GPG Keys

In order to send an encrypted PGP message, we need to obtain the recipients public PGP key. There are two common ways to obtain another person's public key, you can download it from a server or obtain a copy of the the key via email/web.

Importing Key from Server

Let's obtain a copy of Bob's key (key ID is 5D24E4AA).

  1. Open the GPG Key Manager
  2. Click on “Server” in the menu bar
  3. Click “Retrieve Keys…”. 
  4. Type in the Key ID and click “OK”, the key should appear in the list. 


Importing Key from File

If the recipient sends you the PGP key in an email or you obtain it from a website, it can be easily imported. Let's assume that you have copied and pasted the key into a text file or you have a file with the appropriate key.

  1. Open the GPG Key Manager
  2. Click "Import"
  3. Navigate with file explorer to key file location and select the file
  4. If you are prompted to certify the key, please follow menu instructions.
  5. Once you are done importing, you'll receive a message indicating success.

Your key manager should display new keys available now.